Welcome to the Dark-Fantasy world of Aria. The world has bared witness to thousands of conflicts, the death of countless creatures. The World existed before the gods; it drifts in lonely space, fourth from the sun. The world had no moons. As with all things, events that change the life of any world occur a large meteor flew through Aria’s solar system, and was snared into the planet’s gravity well. Slowly the meteor turned itself into the planet’s first moon. The meteor having been pulled into the gravity well began to orbit Aria. The core of Aria began to churn, volcanoes, lava flows, tectonic activity sprang to life. And for a few million years, Aria was a ball of molten stone and metal, toxic to all known life. Slowly Aria settled into a cooler climate, water eventually began to fall from the skies, the planet gained oceans full of toxins, but would soon wash those away. Small life began to swim in Aria’s seas; higher life developed in the oceans, and soon followed the plants that started growing on land. The animal life filled the newly born environment, millions and millions of years pass; the Moon captures a satellite of its own and is able to create a Three Body System. The animals and plants face extinctions and ice ages, and times of utter devastation. Out of this came a creature, this creature could think, speak, build, draw, paint, etc. They became known as the People, and spread across the lands. The People live with the land, and use it to their advantage to create a new way. They build grand civilizations, gather knowledge, and begin to worship deities of their own creation. These prayers and beliefs gave birth to the First Gods, who in turn shared the secrets of magic both divine and arcane with their followers.